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Due to an unexpected situation, the 2023 Summer Tutoring Program will not take place this year. We hope to see you all in 2024. 

The 2023 program has been canceled.

Program Dates: July 10 - August 3, 2023


Reading Bridge is offered at several different library locations around Sioux Falls and the neighboring areas. Students commit to attending eight (8), 1-hour sessions in a 4-week period with a qualified, trained tutor. It is a great opportunity to give your student extra support and motivation during the long summer months! 


The instructional hour format is broken into 5 parts:
1. Reading a book TO the students
2. Reading a book WITH the students
3. Writing/sharing writing with the students

4. Phonics/word making activities

5. Helping students check out appropriate library books

    *Students must use their own library card to check out library books.      



Learn About Our

How Does It Work?


Recent survey results indicated that 97% of our parents were overwhelmingly satisfied with the Reading Bridge program and recommend it to others. (Best results are achieved when students attend all 8 sessions). 


Our program began in 2001 with a few students attending in the basement of a caring Sioux Falls Educator / Reading Specialist. In 2006, the program was held in a local branch of the Siouxland Libraries with 29 students and 7 tutors. Since then, we have continued to serve more and more students! Our goal is to serve over 1000 students at 17 public libraries by 2025.


With help from a generous sponsor, individual donations & the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation, this program continues to be offered FREE of charge to any child (1st -5th grade) who would like to attend. 

The Facts

Numerous professional studies reveal that summer months deter reading/writing growth in children. Public School students, from spring to fall, can sometimes show almost a one-level drop in reading level scores. 


Many students lack professional instruction during the summer months as well as access to a library or availability of quality literature at home. Reading Bridge Summer Tutoring Program is a unique program that targets students to prevent just such Summer Learning Loss. 


OUR MISSION: To minimize Summer Learning Loss by offering summer literacy tutoring instruction (at no cost) for elementary-aged students in the Sioux Falls area.

Reading Bridge helps deter Summer Learning Loss, helping students from all walks of life stay prepared and motivated to learn when school begins in the fall.

In 2000, researcher Peter Johnson wrote about what made summer reading programs most effective: utilizing libraries, having trained tutors, being cost-effective for families, and emphasizing FUN!  


Yes, fun was a researched requirement for an effective program! Reading Bridge contains all of these elements. 

Both of our children had improvements on their fall MAPS Reading Test after attending and their teachers commented as to how they must have made reading a priority over the summer. We are so thankful for this summer tutoring program!

April Buysse - parent

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